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Feeling unsure to pursue a degree in Japan? Let the links below change your mind!

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What's Fukuoka

Simplicity is beautiful   suitable description for this website. Information about Fukuoka from food, events, traveling destinations, and everything needed for you guys International students! Don't ever get worried to miss parties or confused to spend your holidays, because this site is going to provide you with everything you'll need.



Connecting Fukuoka with the global community, this website offers you more discovery into Fukuoka by heart. There are some updates about events and university in Fukuoka. It is a worth seeing for us Fukuoka Residents.



HyperDia offers you help for planning traveling around Japan, giving choices of routes and access, also time to your destination. For vacation time, this website is indeed your traveling best friend! 


JR Kyushu for Foreign Student

For those who want to travel around Kyushu Island, there are promotion ticket offered just for those who study abroad to Japan. You can travel for 3 days in the Northern Kyushu or all Kyushu Island. There are available informations about tourist attractions in every place as well on JR Kyushu main website, with other kind of tickets for tourist visiting Japan, so if your parents or friends are going to come, please tell them about this promotion.


Fukuoka Now

Fukuoka Now is an online magazine through which you can explore the best of Fukuoka. Through the classifieds section in this website you can connect with Fukuoka people, search for a part-time job, get a language exchange partner, etc.. Its worth taking a look at it! 



The website provides you with a glance on what living in Japan looks like. The information ranges from travelling, studying, to working in Japan.


Global 30 website

Language is not a barrier anymore. You can pursue your degree in Japan without having to be fluent in Japanese language. The government of Japan is keen on to attract more international students hence creating a special program with wide-ranging degree concentrations. Check them out!


Japan Student Services Organization

As an independent administrative institution established under the Ministry of Education, JASSO conducts many events both in Japan and overseas to present precise information about studying in Japan to all aspiring prospective students. You may not want to miss its seminars in your home country.


Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide

Check out the link above for a comprehensive guide on studying in Japan in your mother language. Complete information for prospective students, current foreign students in Japan, even former foreign students in japan are offered by this website.


A World Away: Studying in Southwest Japan

This website gives you a plenty of helpful information studying in the universities in Kyushu-Okinawa area and Yamaguchi Prefecture. 
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