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Clubs and Circles

In Kyushu University, there are a lot of clubs and circles that international students can join. You can read what the international students say here.


ISU(IUPE Student Union)

The student union for international undergraduate students aims to provide an organized academic support as well as social exchange to its students. Also, it addresses student-related issues to the university staff and faculties to bring out better solutions. ISU plays an active role in planning of events and activities for the IUPE students to foster friendships.


SCIKYU (Student Committee for the Internationalization of Kyushu University)

SCIKyu’s main aim is to promote interactions between Japanese and international students, and facilitating the internationalization of Kyushu University through proactive discussions and activities with a committee that contains both students and faculty members. If you are finding it easy to navigate through the university campus with lots of bilingual signboards, well, thanks to SCIKyu.


KUFSA (Kyushu University Foreign Student Association)

As a Kyushu University foreign student, getting in touch with the latest event that KUFSA offers is a must. Events such as one-day bus trip, soccer tournament, KUFSA talent hunt are prepared only to make your campus life more fruitful.


FOSA (Fukuoka Overseas Student Association)

FOSA is a student organization is a melting pot for foreign students from any university in Fukuoka Prefecture. FOSA events such as Culture Show, international student welcome party, bowling tournament are just couple of the merry activities which could expand your friendship and network to other universities in Fukuoka.


FISSC (Fukuoka International Student Support Center)

FISSC is the main support centre for international students in Fukuoka. Located in the heart of Fukuoka city, FISSC offers various services such as part time job offers, Japanese language classes, and recent updates to support international student life.


Fukuoka International Association

Fukuoka International Association aspires to boost up internationalization program in Fukuoka city. Many international exchange activities are conducted here. Aside from cultural activities, the association also helps appraising foreign students with volunteering and part-time job opportunities.


APCC (The Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka )

In every summer, APCC invites children from many countries in the Asian-Pacific regions. These students participate in homestay and school visit programs. APCC also provides Japanese students to visit countries in Asian-pacific regions. APCC is seeking volunteers all year round.