Testimonial: Purnima Kmar



Nima is one of the graduates from Applied Chemistry Course, IUPE (International Undergraduate programs in English) -Class of 2010. She is currently studying in the graduate school of Pharmacology, University of Oxford, the United Kingdom. Read what she says about her experiences of studying in our programs and how it afftected in her future plan.


Hi everyone, I graduated from Kyushu University in September 2014 by completing my degree in Bachelors of Engineering, Applied Chemistry. It turned out that choosing Kyushu University for my under graduation had been the best decision I had made so far. As a part of this University not only did I expand my knowledge in my own area of expertise but I also had a chance to taste several other courses and lectures in the first year, like Introduction to Japanese Culture and Society, Japanese Law, Economics which I believe gave me a broader outlook and also helped me know much more about the customs and culture of the country where in I had to spend the next four years of my life. On the global context we were offered courses which I believe gave me the chance to gain an insight into the real functioning of the world.

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Coming to the third year when we have the decision to choose the lab with which we would like to work for the next one year, is one of the highlights of this program for me. With this exposure I had the opportunity to carry out some cutting edge research of my own. I had worked with Professor Yoshiki Katayama, who is one of the leading Professors in the field of Cancer Research and Other inflammatory diseases. Under his supervision, I tried to find a cure for atopic dermatitis which is one of the most profound inflammatory skin diseases all over the world. During this course of one year I came across various hurdles that a researcher can come across however the seniors and the Professors in my lab provided me with the right guidance and made sure that I had completed my research successfully. I am currently working on the publication of my research for which I would give the credits to the Professors and seniors of my lab. At the end of my research I had instilled in myself the confidence to present my research and the advances made in my research to a wide audience. Also the opportunity of participating in various conferences proved to be an asset for me. I can proudly say that I learnt the skills to be a good researcher from Kyushu University and I am making full use of these skills in my Masters. 


Overall, it has been a wonderful experience to live in Fukuoka and study at Ito campus of Kyushu University. I find Fukuoka a perfect balance of nature with the glitter of a modern city. People are extremely nice and helpful. Even as a part of the University, I have had the opportunity to meet various other international students and live together by crossing the barriers of varied and diversified cultures. The University does not restrict us to just academics but also provides us with the means to outshine our talents in various other fields. It has been an enriching experience for me and I am thankful to Kyushu University for providing me the foundation of what I have today.