Testimonial: Atifa Sholikha

Atifa is a graduate from Mechanical Engineering Course, IUPE (International Undergraduate programs in English) -Class of 2010. She is currently working for PT Astra Daihatsu Motor. Read why and how she chose to become an engineer after graduation .

It was a pleasure for me to study in Kyushu University. It is one of the best university in Japan which offered a lot opportunities which I never forget such as meeting top professors and studying in well-equipped lecture rooms and laboratories. Not only  that, it also helped me in leading my path working on automotive company like I always dreamed! I was majoring mechanical engineering. My interest in automotive is the main reason why I chose this major. In my final year as undergraduate student, I did research on radiated engine noise. Together with my senior, we tried to prove a new method to predict the radiated engine noise which takes less time in calculation compared to the current method. Moreover, I also got a chance to do Internship in Astra Daihatsu Motor Indonesia on their Engine Plant. As I was assigned in the place that suits my major, I could apply my knowledge well. Therefore, couple months after my internship ended, I was accepted as a quality engineer in Astra Daihatsu Motor but on their Karawang Assembly Plant. Here, I was placed in body team which deals with problems related to body accuracy and painting. My current project is indeed different from my graduation research but I knew it will help me acquire new knowledge. Working in one of the best automotive companies like this is like a dream comes true. Thank you, Kyudai!